Monckeberg’s sclerosis is a poorly understood condition associated with . Monckeberg’s sclerosis can coexist with atherosclerotic disease. Carlos Eduardo Barra Couri,1 Geruza Alves da Silva,1 José Antônio Baddini Martinez,1 Mönckeberg’s sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative and apparently .. The current concepts of the pathogenesis of Monckeberg-type arteriosclerosis. Mönckeberg sclerosis (MS) is a calcification of the me- dial layer of . ”Typical morphology of such calcifications in the early stages of the disease is linear de- posits along the . arteries in the absence of atherosclerotic plaque. Mayo Clin.

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Monckeberg’s arteriosclerosis – Wikipedia

Aortic calcification and the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. Despite the foregoing, recent pathophysiological studies have suggested that there are inflammatory and genetic alterations closely related with the medial vascular calcification.

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Knowledge of the radiographic appearance of this calcification is clinically useful in developing a differential diagnosis. To the best of our knowledge, soft tissue calcifications have never been described in such disease, especially in association with obstructive sleep apnea OSA. Lanzer 9 reported a case of Monckeberg’s arteriosclerosis involving the aorta, pelvic artefiosclerosis lower limb arteries. D ICD – The resected mass was sent for histopathologic examination.


His hands and feet were warm with no evidence of limb ischaemia.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab, 89pp. Clinical and laboratory findings excluded concomitant endocrine or rheumatological diseases. She has three children, all delivered vaginally and at home. Please cite this article as: Please review our privacy policy. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol, 3pp.

Radiographic manifestations of Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis in the head and neck region

Please review our privacy policy. A review of the problem and a description of a patient with involvement of peripheral, visceral and coronary arteries. In contrast, the second type is defined as a malignant, rapidly progressive form, in which massive and extensive medial calcifications may displace the internal elastica toward the lumen, causing luminal narrowing. Natural course and prognosis of juvenile diabetes: BMC Cardiovasc Disord ; 5: Simple fluoroscopy would suffice for both the radial and lower limb arteries.

Monckeberg’s arteriosclerosis

Nat Commun, 3pp. Medial localization of mineralization-regulating proteins in association with Monckeberg’s sclerosis: Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. Although the entire clinical picture could be explained by monkeberg alone, extensive nature of the calcification with disproportionate involvement artrriosclerosis selected arteries and complete absence of ischaemic symptoms in the affected limbs strongly support a diagnosis of coexistent Monckeberg’s sclerosis.


Although one can argue about the possible role of upper airway obstruction in intensifying the local deposition of calcium in the soft tissue of the pharynx, the diagnosis of MS was well documented in this case.

Open in a separate window. Media calcification and intima calcification are distinct entities in chronic kidney disease. It is intended for rheumatologists, general internists, specialists in related areas, and general practitioners in the country and abroad.

Mönckeberg’s sclerosis – is the artery the only target of calcification?

However, the process rarely affects the intraabdominal arteries, with the exception of the renal and splenic arteries. Extensive calcifications of the bilateral lingual and facial arteries are noted arrows as well as calcific plaques at bilateral carotid tree area arrow heads.

Retrieved from ” dw The coexistence of ischaemic heart disease and diabetes—a known risk factor of atherosclerosis, however, raised important questions about the aetiology of calcification. Open in a separate window.

A vaginal hysterectomy with pelvic floor repair was done on December 9, The corrected calcium was 9.