Title Variants: Translated: Code international de nomenclature zoologique. Uniform: International code of zoological nomenclature. Ti:i) 35 Y TIIH X V I N ‘1 1 ^ K H A’] ^1 C) ]\ A, L CO N’ G R EB^ 01 CODE INTERNATIONAL de NOMENCLATURE ZOOLOGIQUE adopte par le XVe CONGRES. Publisher London: International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature, Rev. ed. of: Code international de nomenclature zoologique/adopté par le XVe Congrès.

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Zoologists pubhshing new names should observe the following principles, which together constitute a “Code of Ethics”. Commissioners commented upon a considerable number of points.

Compound Greek nouns used in Greek or coined for zoological use. Chacun des noms appliques a un seul et meme taxon. The French sound on should be represented by n, as in German, Italian, Spanish, etc. An article printed especially for private distribution in advance of the pubUcation that is to contain it. Trichocera and Heterocerus are not examples of the latinization of Kepas but the creation of wholly new words, such as, of course, any author has the right to make.

Les consonnes h, d, f, j, k, I, m, n, p, r, t, v, et z devraient etre employees pour representer les sons qu’elles expriment en frangais.

It will interest zoologists who use internatioonal Introduction xvii instruments to know that the contributions made on their behalf in terms of such assistance, plus postage, may be considered to re- present the equivalent of a subvention to the Code in the total of several thousands of dollars. There were the excellent early codes of Strickland in Great Britain, and DaU in America, brought into being by the actions respectively of the British and American Associations for the vii viii Introduction Advancement of Science; national codes were adopted by the Societe Zoologique de Franceand by the Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft ; the Douville code for the naming of fossils was adopted by ckde International Geological Congressand the “A.


When it is latinized it is given the form which is determined by the usage of classical Latin or, where that differs, of modern scientific Latin.

Un zoologiste ne devrait pas publier un nouveau nom de rem- placement pour un homonyme recent dont I’auteur est vivant, sans avoir informe le dit auteur de I’homonymie et sans lui avoir accorde un delai suffisant, d’un an au moins, pour publier un nom de rem- placement. Systematic zoologists have not been without their difficulties in the interval, because of nomencpature irregular zologique aside— modifications introduced into the application of the rules of nomenclature in the meantime.

De meme, dans le latin moderne, le I internatkonal est habituellement ecrit J.

Names formed from geographical names To replace the letters of one alphabet with the equivalent letters of another; equivalent to transcrire in the French text. Independance de la nomenclature zoologique. Citation du nom de l’auteur. VL Types of words eligible as genus-group names They have the same status as Opinions.

Concerning each provision, each clause frequently down to single wordsand their interrelationships with other parts of the Code, there occurred free and frank exchange of ideas before present statements were considered acceptable.

Code international de nomenclature zoologique | IUCN Library System

Words taken from languages neither classical nor modern Indo-European, e. Latreille, ou d’une autre maniere distinctive, mais non comme Cancer pagurus Latreille, ni comme Cancer pagurus, Latreille. Les noms geographiques et les noms propres des pays qui n’em- ploient pas I’alphabet latin, qui n’ont pas de veritable alphabet ou qui n’ont pas de langage ecrit devraient etre orthographies en tenant compte des paragraphes suivants.


In they adopted what has come to be known as the “Stricklandian Code”, product of a committee of which such great zoologists as Darwin, Shuckard, Waterhouse, Internationsl, and Henslow zoplogique members. The generic placement of all other specific names is a matter of potentially fluctuating taxonomic judgment. Ensemble d’especes identifiables dont les positions generiques sont incertaines; traite comme un genre pour les besoins de la taxonomie [Art.

Applied by some authors in the same sense as “vernacular name” [q. Latinization of Geographical and Proper Names 1. The e should not be used with the unternational of a mute vowel.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Kh devrait etre utilise pour representer le guttural rude et gh pour le inteenational doux de I’arabe. Glossaire homonyme primaire. Author of a name. Latinizalion of Geogvaphical and Proper Names 4.

Code international de nomenclature zoologique

From this week of discussion, with decisions by vote on debated points and on individual provisions, there emerged a modified draft of the Code presented by the Co-ordinating Committee as its Report to the final, 8th, session of the Colloquium on Sunday, 20 July. Lorsqu’un nom du groupe-espece est forme d’apres un nom de femme internatioanl. Usinger, Berkeley ; on infrasubspecific categories P.

Le troisieme terme du trinome d’une sous-espece [Art. Le tableau suivant illustre la fa9on de proceder correcte. Over the years, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature see this Code, Chapter XVII has studied numerous cases formally brought internationa its attention by systematists concerning specific problems related to application of the Regies.

Du concept de Type XIV.