D Datasheet: NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor, D PDF Download SANYO -> Panasonic, D Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet. D Datasheet – NPN Transistor for Color TV – Sanyo, 2SD pdf, D pinout, D manual, D schematic, D equivalent. 2SD Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Please note that we store and ship our FET-type parts e.

D1879 Datasheet

Bandwidth for this microwave device is based on handwritten note attached to a box of these. All foreign Shipping is by Air Mail. PNP transistors have just about as many uses as NPN transistors, but are especially useful for grounded load outputs so therefore are much preferred for many high-power, high-voltage outputs, and of course used in push-pull and complementary circuits.

Each is labeled dataheet “12 03” at top. Do a PP “Send Money” to: NDSN shipped on reel datashest. All small parts and materials we acquire for resale herein must be new, but we often buy and trade for used large parts, tools, equipment and books in very good conditions, which we describe as “used” for those we resell. BUV46 transistors are very useful and versatile for many power transistor applications, ST Microelectronics.

29 Fabulous Photograph Of D Transistor Datasheet | transistor radio

For many items, we are not limited to the quantities shown – should you need more and we have what you need available, we will seriously consider your offer. We dataeheet been told that this is a very popular industrial part. Germanium transistors are especially preferred for music applications, and are great electronic collectibles. Very popular PNP power transistor widely used in electronic circuits.


Its solderable tabs are really great! For example, the 2.

They permit not only a more solid electrical connection but also a solid mechanical anchoring plus some heat dissipation of the circuit board itself. Many of our images of electrical and electronic hardware do not dataheet all of the leads or cabling which the actual items have so that we can provide bigger and clearer images of the body of the items to better show part numbers, labeling, features and cosmetic conditions.

Again, don’t ship us anything until you receive our written explicit approval to do so.

Popular NPN high-voltage transistor widely used in electronic circuits. New old stock NOST package. New fine, very high quality mica wafers.

Shipped on antistatic reel tape. The blue mark is a mark we made on each transistor we checked and found acceptable beta and leakage. Bandwidth is to about 1 MHz.

Excellent high-voltage NPN transistors for many datashret transistor applications. New old stock NOS. Please do NOT phone us about Items of trade.

We have found them to be a good replacement for 2N transistors. Nor do we state or imply in any way that ABQ Techzonics or Consumertronics are a part of these businesses, nor do we endorse nor support any of these businesses products, services, policies, activities or operations.


May be transistors, we don’t know. If any of our descriptions or images are missing, incomplete or inaccurate and this affects your purchase decision, please email us please don’t phone; put “Need Better Info for Item” in email Subject Line so we can make reasonable corrections.

For our good buyers: Perfect for the hobbyist, experimenter, repair technician or business, especially if you don’t like your devices easily reverse-engineered.

Datasheet archive on 6-10-2011

Also, a great technology collectible, transistor collectible and music collectible. Shipped in antistatic tube or foam. Very smooth, clear, transparent when viewed straight on and reflective when viewed at an oblique angle mica – not that rough, yellowish, datasheeet, furry stuff you might get from other sources! Prices are stated below Item Description. Many “high-tech business” owners and their employees today are clearly woefully ignorant of the high technologies they sell including some giant electronic parts houses!

High quality, steel TO-3 package, equivalent to popular 2N transistors. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse any order, form of payment, or buyer-imposed sale or shipping conditions without liability to us. Motorola 2NA is in original sealed plastic package photo taken through package.

These reels came and are sold taped together with a total quantity of printed on one of the reels.