Preparation for the Gospel (Greek: Εὐαγγελικὴ προπαρασκευή), commonly known by its Latin title Praeparatio evangelica, was a work of Christian apologetics written by Eusebius in the. : Eusebius of Caesarea: Praeparatio Evangelica (The Preparation of the Gospel) eBook: Eusebius of Caesarea: Kindle Store. Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica is a masterful work that defies easy categorization. Written between and , soon after Eusebius had become bishop of.

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This man became most distinguished among the Greeks.

Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica

In general see the collection of essays evanvelica Edwards, ; with Cameron, This testimony indeed he himself bears to the Barbarians in many passages of his own discourses, and therein, I think, does well, and candidly confesses that the noblest doctrines are imported into philosophy from the Barbarians. On etymology, see 7.

Moreover I will slay each first-born child, And crush this evil nation’s wanton pride. Now the Hebrews have in all twenty-two letters: And the sun is in its nature not fire, but a reflexion of fire, like the reflexion formed from water. From them came husbandmen and huntsmen. I shudder at the sight in every limb. The extracts from Egyptian history have been recorded thus somewhat at large by Josephus.

But why need I say much? But say, what would’st thou ask? BUT Porphyry, in the first book of his Philosophy from Oracles, introduces his own god as himself bearing witness to the wisdom of the Hebrew race as well as of the other nations renowned for intelligence.

Uzziah fifty-two years; in whose reign prophesied Hosea, Amos, Esaias, Jonah: Further they say that the Tuscans invented the art of moulding clay: Next to Moses therefore Jesus ruled the nation of the Jews thirty years, as some say: Born somewhere about this recent period the Seven Sages are remembered for a reform of moral conduct, but nothing more is recorded of them than their celebrated maxims.

Wherefore she proceeded to put these back into a secondary place, as they could not be of any use to her for the discovery of things necessary and true: Also the help thence gained towards a happy life for all men, not only from His express words, but also from a secret power, was surely an indication of His divine power: In fact the said Pythagoras, while busily studying the wisdom of each nation, visited Babylon, and Egypt, and all Persia, being instructed by the Magi and the priests: And Lycurgus, born long after the capture of Troy, made laws for the Lacedaemonians a hundred years before the commencement of the Olympiads.

And Sanchuniathon, who made a complete collection of ancient history from the records in the various cities and from the registers in the temples, and wrote in the Phoenician language with a love of truth, lived in the reign of Semiramis, the queen of the Assyrians, who is recorded to have lived before the Trojan war or in those very times.

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Of these some have the same names, when interpreted, as the gods of heaven, but others have received a name of their own; as Helios, and Kronos, and Rhea, and Zeus also, whom some call Ammon; and in addition to these Hera, Hephaestus, and Hestia, and Hermes last: They have also learned to live a strict life, so as to be guided even in looking with their eyes, and to conceive no licentious thought from a lustful look, but to cut away the very roots of every base passion from the mind itself.

Hera, as has been said, is the Earth, and Leto is night, being a sort of oblivion on the part of those who turn to sleep.

Praeparatio evangelica – Wikipedia

There are also nine Muses singing to his lyre, which are the sublunar sphere, and seven spheres of the planets, and one of the fixed stars.

In his prologue, he included as his predecessors not only those who countered the hostile accusations of critics, [ 48 ] but also those who wrote commentaries and philological examinations of the Scriptures and those who gave homilies on certain passages. For He who called the heaven His throne set apart God the universal Monarch above the throne and far higher than the universe, and yet did not sever the earth from His providence; for He teaches that the providential powers of His Godhead condescend even to things here below, and therefore He says: Hellanicus says, on the twelfth of Thargelion; and some of the writers of Athenian history say, on the eighth of the last decade, in the last year of the reign of Menestheus, at the full moon.

How then could oblivion become the mother of sun and moon, Apollo praeparaatio Artemis the children of Leto having been transformed into sun and moon? To those who have professed to give a more respectable turn to praeparahio legends Zeus was at one time a hot and fiery force, and at another praeparahio wind: For they utter no common words before the sun has risen, but address to him certain prayers handed down by their fathers, as if entreating him to rise. In the previous part of my discourse I proved that they had received from Barbarians their opinion concerning a multitude of gods, and their mysteries and initiations, and moreover their histories, and their fabulous stories about gods, and their physical explanations of the fables as expressed in allegory, and the rest of their superstitious error.

But thus much at present it indicates to the readers, that the ancient Greeks were destitute not only of true theology, but also of the sciences eevangelica are profitable to philosophy; and not of these only, but also of the common habits of civil life.

Praeparatio evangelica

So for this reason they have taken compassion upon many in the extremity of their distress, and received them back, considering that they had suffered punishment enough for their offences in being thus tortured to death. But even Apollo himself, it may be said, somewhere in an oracle, eusebuus asked about himself who he was, replied:.


He says too that the eternal generative force of heat and cold was separated at the generation of this world, and that from it a kind of sphere of flame grew round the atmosphere of the earth as bark round a tree; and that when this flame was rent asunder and shut off into certain orbits, the sun and moon and stars came into existence.

When, therefore, even this great philosopher had such an opinion of the physiological doctrines of those whom I have mentioned, I think that we too have with good reason deprecated the atheism of them all, since their polytheistic error also seems not to be unconnected with the opinions already mentioned. And further, there was among them all a manifold and profuse abundance of oracles.

For in narrating the circumstances of the flood, he describes it thus:. That the Greeks were plagiarists.

And this Merris is honoured by the people of the country not less highly than Isis. And the Angel said to him, that henceforth he should no longer be called Jacob but Israel. For you will find all things among the Greeks to be recent, having come into existence, as one might say, yesterday or the day before; I mean the foundation of their cities, and their invention of the arts, and the registration of their laws: And all these works have been fastened with lead at tbe bottom and the side-walls, and over these has been spread a great quantity of plaster, all having been carefully wrought.

This was the testimony of Porphyry, drawn probably from ancient records, both to the piety and the philosophy of the persons aforesaid, in the fourth book of his careful work On Abstinence from Animal Food. While this scholarly approach needs to be pursued further, in what follows I want to focus on the literary identity of the text itself, that is, on the issue of genre. At all events not only their own sacred books, but also the most illustrious of the Greek philosophers, famous even in our own day, bear witness that the duties of practical morality are performed by them in accordance with the rules which have been already examined in the preceding Book.

For in Zeus’ mighty body these all lie. This friendship with His Father Christ’s word came to preach to the whole world: Fvangelica declares, for instance, that the sun is earth, but because of its swift motion it has a great prarparatio of heat. But since the question before us was carefully studied before our Christian writers by the Hebrews themselves, it would be well to consider also efangelica they have said: Are we Greeks or Barbarians?