has ratings and reviews. Paul said: This was tedious postmodern whatever who cares experimental crap of the worst gh I would l. is one of those books that ought to be gimmicky but isn’t. It’s descriptions of people on a London underground train, all described. [Geoff Ryman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A cult classic in the making. is the novel about everyone you’ve ever met and.

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Some of the characters are boring, but it doesn’t matter – it will all be irrelevant on the next page. This book gives you all that.

This is adequate, mostly. Luckily, it seems that the website is still operational, so you can check it out for yourselves: He had rymqn attempt some experimental bullshit that destroyed some perfectly good stories.

253 or Tube Theatre; a Novel for the Internet About London Underground in Seven Cars and a Crash

Cada una lo interpreta a su manera. My absolute all-time favourite that I recommend to everybody is The Child Garden. So I recommend the paper version. Each sketch describes the character’s appearance, as well as something that isn’t apparent and the character’s thoughts or actions as they ride.

– Geoff Ryman | Savidge Reads

The absence of an actual plot or even of a sequence of events renders inadequate the notion of story, thus making the experience of reading the work a type of exploration rather than a progression towards an ending. I first encountered this book back in the late 90s not long after it was published.


The point of seems to be the trivialities that bind us, and so a more defined shared experience is at odds with the premise of the rest of the book.

A train in which every passenger has a seat will carry people. They were all just words on paper. I was given this book by my friend Charlie years ago but posponed reading it because it seemed too show-offy and empty of an idea.

The same goes for the inter-car advertisements and the front and end matter. I commute on the tube everyday, so maybe this will uplift my hellish journeys during rush hour just a little.

A possible cult classic in the making — only time will tell on that though. You should read it online at ryman-novel. Alguien ama a otra persona.

Ryman hones in on the fact that lives have, very temporarily, intersected. This book is essentially linked pieces of flash fiction detailing the interweaving lives geoff people riding on a train in London one morning in A lack of links between passengers means that the reader must traverse the story linearly, thereby emphasizing the differences between passengers.

Online it showed similarities between these strangers and in book form it does show you the major differences. Imagine the eternal commotion that would be brought about through this perspective – the endlessly overlapping stories upon stories which would weave themselves into the fabric of any given walk down the street or busride. Oct 02, Bradley rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The second thing you should know is what you’re getting into.


I hope my library is able to find a copy for me! Apr 01, Rand rated it groff liked it Shelves: Ultimately, the novel balances delicately between the two grand accomplishments of creating individual people, and weaving word character descriptions into a single story – but it’s in the process of that balancing act that it truly shines. I know that there should be separation of the author from the text, but honestly, I felt genuinely sick r This is absolutely awful.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Actually, it would have cured the person in the deep coma, because they would have woken up and yelled “please stop reading, rymann, I’ll do anything, just stop”.

Also of stranger things; while most of the material draws its strength from its solid believability, from our sense that yes, people are like that, there are a few that reach beyond that to tell a story that might have come out of Murakami or Gaiman. This book is set on the morning of January 11thwhere people are burrowing through the bowels of London on an underground train.